SODIS: Solar Water Disinfection Guide

By   February 26, 2016
sodisHow to purify water with solar disinfection? – A quick guide to implement SODIS steps with videos for solar water purification.
Solar disinfection (SODIS) is a simple to use and low cost water treatment method for disinfection, removing pathogens from water. I collected some videos and other sources that explains SODIS in order to introduce this low cost and easy to implement solar disinfection method.
Solar water disinfection technique consists of placing water into transparent plastic or glass containers (normally 2 L PET beverage bottles) which are then exposed to the sun for 6-48 hours (depended on the intensity of sunlight and sensitivity of the pathogens). UV radiation is effective for eliminating microbial pathogens.

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SODIS is an alternative water treatment method designed for use at the household level. the technology is simple in terms of the procedure yet effective in eliminating water borne related pathogens, it is very affordable and utilizes locally available material. More than 5 million people disinfect their drinking water daily with the solar disinfection technique in more than 50 countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.
SODIS steps
1. Prepare empty PET bottles- transparent plastic bottles from softdrinks and bottled water(1.5 to 2 liter). Wash PET bottles including the cap using soap with soft material like cloth. Rinse
2.Fully pour PET bottles with water
3.Place prepared SODIS bottles horizontally under direct sunlight for a minimum of six hours (termination of water borne related pathogens). you can place it anywhere, as long as there is enough sunlight.
4. Harvest the SODIS water, set aside to cool.drink
sodis steps
You can download a detailed guide for solar water disinfection, the SODIS Manual from
This is the most professional, comprehensive and detailed manual I have found about how to use solar water disinfection method from Eawag (Schweiz). You can find many useful information on their homepage.

SODIS videos

The following video shows how solar water disinfection works on the Philippines.

You can see a simple SODIS water treatment video from SNO Multimedia.
​Harness the power of the sun to disinfect ground water. Note that this process does not sterilize the water; algae may still live in the container, but it is usually harmless. Neither does this process remove chemical contaminants. But it is an effective way to kill pathogens in pond water, for example.

Another video about purifying water in a bottle with the sun from Reality Survival

Shower Filters from

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