Difference between distilled water and drinking water

By   July 24, 2015

Why is it important to know the difference between distilled water and drinking water? Because it is matter how and on what purpose these waters are used. Learn what is difference between distilled water drinking water.

The first difference is the composition and the purpose of utilization.

Drinking water contains minerals and dissolved materials, for example calcium, magnesium but possibly harmful materials were removed during drinking water treatment. Drinking water is a water for purpose of drinking.

Distilled water is free from any dissolved materials, and is not for drinking. It is not good for your health, because it dissolves some of the minerals and ions from your cells and takes away from your body. However in some areas where there is no access to clean water, drinking water, then people can drink bottled distilled water, which is much healthier than contaminated water. Distilled water is used for example in industry, pharmaceutical industry, analytical chemistry, laboratories, in acidic batteries, and it is also used as cooling water. In housholds people can use it in some irons for example.

The second difference between distilled water drinking water is the water purification process is used to clean the original raw water.

Drinking water is the product of drinking water purification process which removes possibly harmful materials if the original raw water contained them. Mineral water is also proper for drinking.

Distilled water is gained from water by distillation process which purifies water from dissolved materials, like ions and pollutants. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container. During distillation water is boiled in a water heater tank, the steam is catched by a flat and cold plate and the condensed water is collected to a clean container.

In the first figure you can see a laboratory distillation device, and in the second figure represents a typical industrial distillation tower.

difference between distilled water and drinking water

difference between distilled water and drinking water

(Source: wikipedia.org, cc3)

Some reverse osmosis water purification systems for housholds remove all the dissolved materials and in the first step create distilled water, and in a next phase add minerals to the water. So the final product of reverse osmosis system is not distilled water but a well purified drinking water with dissolved minerals.

So the difference between distilled water and drinking water is the composition of the water and the water purification process which leads to different utilization.

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