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5 top portable water filter systems

Portable water filter systems can be very useful when having trip in the mountains or when you need to purify your drinking water because of an unexpected eventual pollution and you need an emergency water treatment system. In this post 5 portable water treatment systems are introduced and you can read a short review. Portable… Continue reading »

SODIS: Solar Water Disinfection Guide

How to purify water with solar disinfection? – A quick guide to implement SODIS steps with videos for solar water purification. Solar disinfection (SODIS) is a simple to use and low cost water treatment method for disinfection, removing pathogens from water. I collected some videos and other sources that explains SODIS in order to introduce this… Continue reading »

Difference between distilled water and drinking water

Difference between distilled water and drinking water

Why is it important to know the difference between distilled water and drinking water? Because it is matter how and on what purpose these waters are used. Learn what is difference between distilled water drinking water. The first difference is the composition and the purpose of utilization. Drinking water contains minerals and dissolved materials, for example calcium, magnesium… Continue reading »