Natural stress relief: 5 ways to reduce stress naturally

By   April 17, 2017

natural stress relief lavenderNatural stress relief methods are cheap and quite easy to use in order to reduce stress in your daily life. Nowadays knowing some natural stress management techniques is essential for everyone.  We will show you 5 natural ways to reduce stress.

Deep breathing

Stress relief deep breathing is a very common, easy to use technique. Yoga breathing and deep stomach breathing are both good for this purpose. Breath deeply into your stomach slowly through your nose and blow all the air in your chest out your mouth. Repeat it 21 times or as many as you would like to. This is a free and instant natural stress relief technique that can be used anytime and anywhere.

Healthy dietnatural stress relief and healthy diet

Avoid blood sugar bouncing waves and try to keep it at a certain level. Blood sugar waves means stress for your body and enhances insulin and cortisol production. Insulin resistance diet is good for keeping blood sugar at an almost constant level. Eliminate sugar from your diet, eat slow carbohydrates, like vegetables and whole grain and eat less fast carbohydrates. I am not going to this in detail but you can find many instructions on the internet about healthy diet and insulin resistance diet.

Joyful sport

Doing some sport in itself is one of the best and most effective ways to reduce stress, but the exercises must not mean stress for you. Find the best way for doing exercises and find a sport that you love and enjoy. It is easier to repeat a joyful sport regularly.

Fresh air – go to the nature

Going to the nature and fresh air is a fantastic tool for natural stress relief. You get more oxygen, relax, do some sport and enjoy nature. Do not deal with your problems and your phone, just listen the birds enjoy the green environment, sunshine and nature.


Lavender has natural stress relief effect. You can evaporate 3 drops of lavender oil even on a tissbest organic cosmetics lavenderue paper. You can use aromatherapy at home during bath with some drops of lavender oil or having shower using a shower gel with lavender. Having a shower with a lavender aromatherapy is a cheap method and it takes no more time as your regular bath or shower.

For this you might want to find the best organic cosmetics. Using organic cosmetics is not just healthy but like sustainable green tips it is also beneficial for the environment.

If you fight with stress than deep breathing, healthy diet, sport you enjoy, fresh air in nature or lavender as natural stress relief can be the best option for you.


2 Comments on “Natural stress relief: 5 ways to reduce stress naturally

  1. Dr. Benkő Attila

    Thank you for this wonderful article. I am just wondering if meditation could also be a good way to reduce stress, what is your opinion about it? Anyway, thanks again and keep up the good work!

    1. EnviroSust Post author

      Hi Attila, and thank you very much. Yes, I suppose meditation is also an effective, free and natural stress relief method. I would suggest it anyone so as the other stress management tips in the post.

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