Plant trees from home

By   January 27, 2017

Help to plant trees from your home and make a difference! How to save forests, slow down climate change by helping reforestation projects?

If you want to slow down climate change, save the forests and the future on Earth for children, than planting trees for reforestation is a way with which you can make a difference. No matter who you are and where you live. There are many organization dealing with reforestation and waiting for your action to help them plant more trees.

15% of all greenhouse gas emissions are the result of deforestation. Planting trees during reforestation is a very efficient way to remove CO2 from atmosphere and slow down global warming and climate change. The challenge is to not only reduce future CO2 emissions, but to actively remove existing carbon from our atmosphere. Trees and rain forests also ensures the oxigen production. According to New York Declaration on Forests (2014)”Forests represent one of the largest, most cost-effective climate solutions available today.” Reforestation contributes to many of the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Here is a quick list of some of the organizations which plant trees from donatioplant trees for reforestationns.

  7. is organized by the Nature Conservancy, which is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization in US. $25 is the minimum amount for a donation for planting trees in Brazil, United States or China.

Onetreeplanted plants trees in North-America, South-America, Africa and Asia. According to them by reforestation sustainability made simple. On their website you can read interesting tree-facts too.

Plant for the planet educates and works together with children who plant trees.

With Grow-Trees you can plant trees in public lands in India to honor friends with eTreeCertificates or eTreeCards for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. Your tree planting gift to the world creates jobs, benefits communities and wildlife, improves water catchment and decarbonises the world.

Earthday’s Canopy Project plants trees to help communities around the world. One Dollar is equal to One Tree. Through the Canopy Project, Earth Day Network works on the ground with organizations worldwide that strengthen communities through tree planting. Considering the United Nations estimates that for every dollar spent on reforestation, $2.50 dollars is generated in local downstream income and benefits, that’s a huge impact. Their goal is to plant 7.8 billion trees worldwide by 2020 – one for every person on earth.

I suppose helping these reforestation projects by donating from your home or anywhere is a great way to go green and moderate climate change. There are also some projects for offsetting carbon footprint through planting trees and reforestation.

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