Profit from community solar energy

By   March 29, 2015

community renewable energy solar powerIs it possible to profit from community solar energy and solar panels? Due to community renewable energy projects, you can make a difference and a profit. No roof? No problem. Anyone can become a physical solar panel owner and can enjoy solar no matter where he or she lives with a new community renewable energy project.

Despite the economy, people are investing in solar, wind and hydro power for their local communities. Shared renewable energy arrangements allow several energy customers to share the benefits of one local renewable energy power plant. The shared renewables project pools investments from multiple members of a community and provides power and/or financial benefits in return. Community renewable energy projects have recently been promoted and supported in the UK by government policy.  A startup selling solar panels in the cloud, not on your roof in US in their community solar energy project. A community approach, it is argued in the rhetoric of both government and grassroots activists will change the experience and outcomes of the energy sustainable technology implementation.

CloudSolar aims to remove all the barriers to owning and enjoying solar for any person or organization. Common barriers to owning solar are apartment residents, improper roof, moving constraints and installation/maitenance problems. The startup is implementing a new community solar power plant in US with photovoltaics. People, families can own solar panels in farms far away with implementing shared and community solar energy . Solar power farms sell the produced electricity to the grid and generate profit. Solar panel customers get the 80% of the profit, and ClodSolar gets the 20% for 25 years operation time.

Customers, individual people, families, non-profits and businesses can profit from solar panels and community solar energy. CloudSolar provides a service to give anyone the ability to own solar panels, making solar energy accessible for people and organizations all over the world. The panels are installed on a remote CloudSolar farm where our team handles the installation and maintenance. As part of the CloudSolar experience, you can monitor the panel conditions through an online account on your own computer or portable devices. You can join CloudSolar’s community solar energy project with Indiegogo.

Community renewable energy projects and community solar energy plants have environmental, economic and socilal benefits, and helps to ensure environmental sustainability. Benefits of CloudSolar are detailed here. And here is a guide to developing a community renewable energy project in North America.

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